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Text: Hurt People Hurt People, S. Wilson, 2001. 1. Shame is the soul-deep belief that something is horribly wrong with me that is not wrong with anyone else in the entire world. *a. True (Wilson, Chapter 1, p.16, para.7) b. False 2. The scars caused by physical abuse are much worse than any emotional scars a victim may experience from abuse. a. True *b. False (Wilson, Chapter 2, p.27, para.4) 3. The statement—“a strong and direct relationship between chronicity of abuse experienced in childhood and adult abuse potential” (Milner, Robertson, & Rogers, 1990), means that anyone who has ever experienced abuse in childhood will necessarily become a perpetrator of abuse. a. True *b.…show more content…
As a result of having imperfect parents, we all have a somewhat distorted view of God. *a. True (Wilson, Chapter 12, p.179, para.1) b. False 11. Karpman’s Triangle is a way to best understand the roles available in unhealthy relationships. *a. True (Wilson, Chapter 9, p.134, para.2) b. False 12. Childhood fantasies and myths perpetuated by hurtful families are eventually going to be replaced by adult realities. a. True *b. False (Wilson, Chapter 5, p.63, para.4) 13. Survivors of childhood abuse will never be completely healed unless they confront their perpetrators directly. a. True *b. False (Wilson, Chapter 13, p.214, para.1-4 – requires discretion) 14. From the moment of birth, every human being is trying to find the answer to the question: a. Can I Be Safe? b. Can I Be Me? c. Can I Be Accepted? *d. All of the Above (Wilson, Chapter 6, p.73, para.1-3) 15. According to Wilson, which of the following phrases is true? *a. Shame is a belief that something is wrong with me. (Wilson, Chapter 1, p.16, para.7) b. Shame is less binding that guilt. c. Shame is also known as moral guilt. d. Shame is rooted in imperfection. 16. When parents are too distracted by their own unattended pain… a. The child adapts through age-appropriate play. b. The child finds nurture in his peer relationships. *c. The

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