Quiz : Capture And Share Your World

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GoPro: capture and share your world ________________________________________ -------------- GoPro Inc. is the manufacturer of the GoPro camera, which can be used to film extreme sports and footage from the user 's POV. GoPro capture virtually anything, from 'Avalanche Cliff Jump ' to 'Gardening with Grandpa '. GoPro allows its users to upload and share any and all content with ease. Its services, including its services online, video platform and applications are are covered by an extensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. -------------- Privacy Policy ________________________________________ -------------- Data Collection and Use When connected to the Internet using a GoPro device, GoPro collects its users:  IP address  device type  profile information  preferences (e.g. language)  GPS coordinates (- this can be disabled on the mobile application by disabling GPS tracking)  postcode  age  sex  browser type This data is then anonymized and amalgamated for the following stated purposes: • improvement the performance of the GoPro services • development of an understanding of how anonymous users interact with the GoPro website after having viewed GoPro advertisements • maximization and optimization of the performance of advertisements and advertising campaigns by identifying and retargeting past website visitors However, these uses are not limited, nor further explained; its vagueness potentially insulating GoPro from liability. -------------- Cookie
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