Quiz Questions On Computer Networks

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CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT-2 NAME: PILLELLA CHAITANYA STUDENT ID: 11568590 SUBJECT: COMPUTER NETWORKS INDEX QUESTION 1-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 3 QUESTION 2-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 3 QUESTION 3-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 3 QUESTION 4-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 4 QUESTION 5-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 5 QUESTION 6-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 6 QUESTION 7-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 10 QUESTION 8-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 12 QUESTION 9-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 13 QUESTION 10-------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 14 Question 1 Generally in connection based structure when two or more workstations transmit information in the same time, data gets blended up to noise and this state is known as collision. Right when the effect is seen in the workstations hold up certain amount of time and attempt to send once again. In this circumstance it can 't be picked when a workstation will get a chance to transmit. This kind of condition is known as nondeterministic protocol
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