Quiz Questions On International Law

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In order to receive credit for this assignment, please read the following guidelines and confirm that you understand and will follow them:
By typing my name below, I acknowledge the following requirements for this assignment and confirm that my work on this assignment abides by them.
1. I have drawn each of my answers from the required course texts, in-class discussion and lecture, or in-class video material.
2. I have appropriately cited the course texts and/or in-class material for each of my answers. This means, for instance, that after providing a definition of a particular term in my own words, I have cited the specific pages in the textbook(s) from which I drew my answer. Example in-text citation: (Murphy 22-23). If you have a Kindle (or similar) version of the text(s), cite to specific sections and sub-sections of each chapter.
3. I have not completed this quiz by collaborating with others in the class. All answers provided below come from my own work. I understand that cheating or plagiarizing on this assignment will result in receiving a zero.
4. I have carefully read the instructions for each section before completing it.
5. I will submit the quiz as a Word Doc or PDF file so that the graders can grade it.
I acknowledge and confirm the above requirements.
NAME: Kelsey Rae Christensen
DATE: April 17, 2016

Section I: Definitions/Acronyms (2 points each; 14 points total)
Please provide definitions for the following terms,…
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