Quiz Questions On Primary Components Of The Motherboard

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Quiz 2 This is an individual assignment. You must work alone to complete this quiz. It is important that you complete all readings and videos prior to attempting the quiz. The completed quiz must be submitted in appropriate assignment folder by the due date and time. Please see the Syllabus > Course Schedule. This quiz is valued at 5 points (5% of course grade). 1. What is the purpose of the system unit? The purpose of the system unit is to house all the major parts of the computer. 2. List and define five primary components of the motherboard. • CPU socket – Provides mechanical and electrical connection between CPU and MOBO • Memory slots – House memory • Expansion slots – Slots for cards such as graphic cards, sounds cards, and/or sound cards • CMOS battery – supply’s power to store bios setting and keeps internal clock running • Back panel – Where external devices are plugged in, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, monitors cables. 3. List and define the three primary subunits of the CPU. • Control unit – receives instruction from ram and brakes them down for other parts of the CPU • Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) – performs mathematical operations in the CPU • Register – Only job is to store a number temporally, works just like ram but faster 4. List and describe the two major categories of software. • Application software is the applications running on the OS • System software is the programs that are used by the OS, such as the disk operating system. 5. Which

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