Quiz Reflection 1-1. Quiz One Measure The Students Readiness

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Quiz Reflection 1-1
Quiz one measure the students readiness for a leadership role. The score I received on this quiz was a 99.The scoring rubric indicates that scores between 90-100 is subjected to a high readiness for a leadership role. I believe the reason why I scored high on this quiz is because of my outgoing personality. I enjoy communicating and networking with others. I am always willing to help and teach others in need. I believe that many of the statements on the quiz exemplify my natural personality. I am a hard worker always ready to learn and help others.
Quiz Reflection 1-2
Quiz 1-2 wants the reader to reflect on any leadership roles held in their present and past. During my 24 years of life I have had the honor of holding a
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After trial and error I became very comfortable speaking in front of large and small groups of people. For the statement “I am a winner more than a loser” I circled strongly agree. I circled strongly agree because life is a game. In all the situations where I failed or did not receive the outcome I was aiming for I did not consider that as a lost. In those life experiences I evaluated my areas of improvement and worked hard to conquer my goals. I believe that self-confidence is about not giving up on yourself and fighting through trying circumstances.

Quiz Reflection 2-2
Quiz 2-2 measures the individual’s behavior and attitude of a trustworthy leader. I know that I am a trustworthy and reliable person. However, no human is perfect and I still have many areas of improvements to mold myself into a great leader. I take pride in being a honest and trustworthy person. It is important to look people in the eye while you’re talking to them as a form of respect. Many of my friends and family consider me as a reliable person. On a regular I try to collaborate with other people to seek guidance and also invent creative ideas. Some of the areas of improvement is accepting feedback on behaviors from others. This is a problem area for me I need to learn how to accept constructive criticism. Another area of improvement is communicating information to people at all organization levels digitally and in person. Since I recently began my new
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