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School Governance and Funding Quiz Guide COURTNEY GRADY 1. Are members of the public allowed to speak at local school meetings? Yes – public members can sign up by calling the board secretary 2. Are state school board members in Colorado elected or appointed? Board members are elected by all district voters. 3. Are local and state superintendents of schools elected or appointed? Local superintendents are appointed by local school boards. STATE? 4. What is a BOCES? Board of Cooperative Educational Services – supply educational services to schools that can’t afford them alone. Services like: special education, tech support, teachers aids, etc. 5. Can charter schools in Colorado hire teachers who do not hold a Colorado…show more content…
Charter schools receive 100% of the per pupil revenue for each pupil enrolled in the school. 18. What is at-risk funding and how does the state determine how much of it each district receives? Eligibility for participation in the federal free lunch program is used as a proxy of each school district's at-risk pupil population. Increased funding is provided to recognize that expenses among districts vary, as pupil populations vary, especially at-risk populations. For each at-risk pupil, a district receives funding equal to at least 12%, but no more than 30%, of its Total Per-pupil Funding. 19. in 2009-10, what was the Minimum Total Program funding in the state of Colorado? Each school district is guaranteed Total Program funding consisting of the sum of $6,856.72 per traditional pupil plus $6,641 per online pupil. In FY 2007-08 minimum per pupil funding for traditional pupils was increased to represent 94.3% of the state average per pupil funding less on-line funding. 20. How long is an elected term for a Boulder Valley School Board member and how long/how many terms can he/she serve, in total? Each term is 4 years long. They can serve a total of two terms. 21. Under Colorado law, what are the requirements (in terms of education, record-keeping, etc.) for a parent who wishes to home school his or her own child? Program must be no less than 172 hours of teaching a

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