Quiz on Dante's 'Inferno'

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Question 1. Dante Alighieri's "Inferno" is the first part of the "Divine Comedy" poem he wrote during the fourteenth century. The text describes Dante's travels through hell as Virgil, the Roman poet, guides him and provides him with information concerning each segment of hell. Virgil proceeds with emphasizing the importance of being familiar with the circles of hell in order to be able to successfully advance through it. He informs Dante concerning the souls in the first circle of hell: "They sinned not; yet no merit claim'd by them "Availeth aught, because they never knew "The Grace Baptisimal, portal of thy creed "And if they lived before the day of Grace "They could not in right spirit (Canto IV, 34-37). Upon Dante's request, Virgil explains that it is possible for someone to leave Limbo and go to heaven. He describes how as a result of "a Potent one" coming to Limbo, Adam and Abraham were among a group of people who left the first circle of Hell. Socrates, however, is still present in Limbo, as he is practically similar to everyone there, in spite of his tendency to look further than most. Achilles is present in the second circle of hell as a consequence of his unable to resist sensual love. He is present in the first circle of hell where individuals are actually punished, as Limbo is simply a location to hold people who were not baptized, but who should not necessarily be punished for this. Question 2. Dante decides to accompany Virgil in a journey through

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