Quiz on Ecological Trophic Pyramid

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Of the primary producers found in this environment, probably the one with the biggest impact on the ecosystem is grass because the blades feed the primary consumers who then feed the rest of the food chain. Although other plants also fulfill this function, grass is eaten in the most abundant quantities and also grows the most.
What species did you select for the apex predator? Explain the importance of the apex predator's impact on the other species in your tropic pyramid. How did the amount of energy gained compare to the amount of energy lost as heat at the 2nd-4th trophic level?
The apex predator in this food pyramid is the human being. The reason this is chosen is that men impact their ecosystems more than any other creature. Human beings eat other animals, but they also impact ecosystems by destroying natural habitats either for the purpose of construction or through introduction of non-native organisms which upsets the ecosystem. As biomass decreases, the amount of energy that is stored within that organism increases. Consequently, the higher you go up the food pyramid the more energy is lost. This is because much of the energy gained through consumption is spent by catching and eating the lower organism. Less total energy is gained the higher up the pyramid the consumer is.
Select one species. If this species was removed…
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