Qumtum Corporation Esupplychain Case Analysis Essay

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Executive Summary

April 21st 2007

The Board of Directors
Quantum Corporation, CA, USA

Mike Wais
Director, eSupplyChain Group
Quantum Corporation, CA, USA

SUB: Redesigning of Supply Chain initiatives taken by eSupplyChain Group to include eHITEX

Quantum Corporation had formed the eSupplyChain Group in April 2000 with the aim of restructuring it's, then inefficient, supply chain and take the advantage of new emerging e-technologies to improve efficiencies across the chain. The company has recently entered into a new strategic alliance with eleven other top computers makers and suppliers. This alliance, known as eHITEX would build a new B2B online exchange protocol for supply chain management and
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The group needs to identify how this measurable will be affected by eHITEX, and judge the impact of this online exchange on TOO. [Also See APPENDIX Fig.2].The group needs to integrate this vision with the new scopes created due to eHITEX or modify their vision to suit the needs of eHITEX.

• Special relationship with MKE, long perceived as the key to Quantum's success may be destroyed. eHITEX appears to be a hub that contains elements of two classic categories of an eHub i.e. Catalog, and Exchange [7]. Such a hub will give the buyers access to multiple sellers and allow sellers to reach multiple buyers, which ultimately results in short term profit oriented relations between suppliers and buyers. The group needs to asses the impact of joining such a hub as the move may mitigate the successful partnership Quantum has been sharing with MKE.

• The responsibility to integrate eHITEX with the IT initiatives taken by Quantum is solely handed to the eSupplyChain Group.
The eSupplyChain Group consist of members with a primary background in Business Processes. [See APPENDIX Fig.3]. The team lacks diversity in terms of functionality. This may hamper the correct understand of long term consequences across various departments and ultimately lead to a narrowed perspective on the whole concept.

• Internet platforms like eHITEX
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