Quote:. “Muslims Often Argue That Muhammad’S Marriages

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Quote: “Muslims often argue that Muhammad’s marriages after Khadijah were contracted not for pleasure, but for practical reasons, to confirm alliances and to give unprotected women, such as widows, a home” (Anderson and Young 220). Question: My question in regards to the Islamic faith is in relation to the conservative and liberal views that females had, focusing on the words of the Quran: “Yet the force of the idea that Islam improved the position of women depends on the attitude believers bring to the text” (Anderson and Young 220). My question is: How did these two groups obtain such different interpretations from the same text? Is it that they have such grounded belief differences that they can twist the words into what they think,…show more content…
Women are warned of the God given punishments they may receive when they do not follow these specific guidelines or disobey. An example of how women can be disobedient is if they were to leave their marital house without permission. Consequences that can follow the disobedience include men refusing to share their beds, turn their back and deprive their wife of intercourse, and hit. In regards to hitting: “The husband has a legal right derived from Quran 4:34 to physically discipline his wife if she is disobedient; but a series of hadiths also saith that the Prophet cautioned that this discipline should consist of a light blow” (Anderson and Young 235). In addition this “light blow” is not intended to cause pain. This little addition describing that the light blow should not inflict pain, in my perception sounds like a disclaimer or a way to save the Quran from sounding like it encourages violence. If a non Islamic member were to come across this bit of information and not understand that it wasn’t to cause pain, they would most likely think Islamic husbands abuse their wives. This could lead to a negative connotation or belief towards Islam. There is already media coverage that causes many Americans to think that Muslims are violent people, and are

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