Quotes From Chinese Cinderella

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Chinese Cinderella is a depressing story because of Adeline Yen Mah’s abusive childhood, and how much her parents mistreated her. They physically and emotionally hurt her. In this novel, Niang and Father would insult Adeline. How they talked to her or talked about her wasn’t pleasant. She was an unwanted daughter who usually felt hopeless and empty.

Placed on my bed, I wrapped my mortally wounded pet in my best school scarf and lay down next to her. Pg-82 Adeline had a pet baby duck named PLT or “Precious Little Treasure.” It sadly died because of Father’s obedience training for Jackie, the family’s dog. Jackie bit PLT and it died the next morning because of its open wounds. I feel that Father knew that PLT’s obedience training for Jackie wouldn’t be safe. He probably knew that the dog would mutilate the baby duck. In this chapter of the novel, Adeline was emotionally hurt because her baby duck of what she called her
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When she went to her party, she was given a silver coin by her. Eventually, when Adeline arrived home, Niang found out that she was a guest at the party and saw the silver coin she received from Wu Chun- mei. Quote: Where did you get this money? My silence was infuriating her. She took it as a personal insult. Her face suffused with rage, she slapped me. Pg-102. After Niang slapped her, she ordered Adeline to go to her room without dinner until Father comes home. When he arrived home, he abused Adeline by whipping her with the dog whip. I find this whole chapter upsetting because it expresses how intense child abuse can be. Adeline was physically hurt by her parents in this part of the book. She wasn’t only abused, but her stepmother Niang, and Father were making her feel intimidated. I felt bad for Adeline because of the anxious feelings and misery she went through. It must have been uneasy coming home scared and worried of what will happen next or in the
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