Quotes From Romeo And Juliet

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My Plot Change: Romeo decides to stay in Verona with Juliet and they agree to sneak away together and live as peasants. However, Romeo has been caught in Juliet’s room

“Stop! Intruder!”

“Hurry, my love, we must escape away,” Romeo whispers as the servant bursts in. He unravels the rope ladder and lets Juliet climb down.

“Romeo, how will you get down? No one will be there to support you.”

“I will jump Juliet, and let the wings of love carry me to the ground.” Juliet reaches the ground and Romeo jumps off, landing in a rose bush. He comes out limping, with scratches across his body. He tries to put weight on his left leg, and then he collapses.

“Run away Juliet, and save yourself. I will hold them off for you.” Juliet runs off into the
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He is chained to the wall, and has lost lots of weight.

“If you will not tell me, then I will kill you,” Lord Capulet paced back and forth. He had not slept for days, his skin had turned pale, and he was sweating.

“This club will be your death, the arrow to the rabbit, the spear to the lion, the shark to the dolphin. This is your final chance, so tell me now or accept your fate.”

Romeo looked up, strength in his eye. “You may break my body, but you will never break my love.” At this Lord Capulet was pushed over the edge. He raged, exclaiming, “You dare defy me in my own home, in my own dungeon, amidst my weapons of war and death? I am the lion and you are the lamb, I the dragon and you the peasant, I Zeus and you a mere mortal. Those words will be your last, and you will be forgotten.” As Lord Capulet picks up his sword and approaches Romeo, Juliet enters the house from upstairs. She rushes downstairs screaming “Father wait, please wait, I am here and okay, please just-”

It was too late. Romeo was dead, and Lord Capulet picked his head up by the hair. Juliet, fell on her knees, sobbing, that any hope of another love or another life was
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