Quotes From The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom leads and follows in many different situations.Tom might act as a soldier following orders or Robin Hood leading his gang of thieves to steal money. Many people may think of him as a follower because he doesn't always have his own ideas or plans.In the graveyard, he follows Huckleberry Finn to test Huck’s odd theory of using a cat to cure warts. Tom is more characterized as a leader because he always know a way to plan things for his other friends. Despite what other people think, Tom is most likely a leader for many reasons.

Tom thinks that nobody cares for and he isn't needed anymore,and decides he should become a pirate. later on he gets Joe and Huck to come with him.Tom states¨Oh, they have just a bully time— take ships and burn them, and get the money and bury it in awful places in their island where there's ghosts and things to watch it, and kill everybody in the ships— make 'em walk a plank.¨Tom think this is what pirates do based off of
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That little piece is our last candle!” Tom and Becky are terrified because they are almost out of all their candles and can’t see anymore.

In summary Tom sawyer can be more likely characterized as a leader because he knows what to do in any situation. Tom has many of the characteristics of a good leader and will grow up to be a good person in the
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