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If you lock people together in a room with no food for a week, then you can see who your real friends are¨. This is a famous quote from the main character Vladek Spiegelman in the book ¨Maus¨. In the story, Vladek has a son named Artie and Vladek is a Jewish Hebrew POW and was a survivor of the Holocaust. Artie one day went out with his friends skating and had fallen while skating and was left behind by his friends. Artie then came home crying to his dad about how his friends had left him behind. Vladek then proceeds to say the quote above to his little son Artie. Artie hears his father say this to him but does not understand it fully, but later he remembers being told this and understands it better when he becomes older. Artie will later decide to write a book about his father and his experiences in the war. Vladek was a very interesting man and In the book, ¨Maus¨ Artie Spiegelman develops Vladek through what he has done, what he says and his relationship with others around him. Father and son relationships are not always very close relationships. Then, parents do not always get remarried because they are in love and have a good relationship, but more for the convenience. Artie tells the audience in the book ¨I have not seen my father in a long time, we were not very close¨. He then shows the audience how Mala and Vladek's relationship is when he walks in the house. Mala puts Artie´s jacket on a wire hanger instead of a wooden hanger ¨A wire hanger you give him! I have not seen Artie in almost two years, we have plenty of wooden hangers!¨ said Vladek. Wooden hangers were mainly used for special guests. Artie then finishes by telling the audience ¨They do not get along¨. Vladek and Artie are not very close, but they are able to improve their relationship by Artie wanting to write a novel about his father. A son ponders about writing a novel about his father and his story about how he had survived the Holocaust. The son wants to write about the stories that he remembers being told in his childhood. They were not always told the stories as a child but had to wait to be told the story when they are grown up. In the story, Artie always knew that his father had survived the Holocaust, but was never told the
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