Quotes On The Dream Cinderellae

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in meikarta, she lived with her stepfather and step brother. Her father was died when she was 7 years old because of an accident. After the accident her mother married with her stepfather but her mother disabled to face her stepfather behavior, the she killed herself. After the that time, Cinderella very hate her stepfather and stepbrother and she treated them very badly. One day, her stepfather asked her to make a cup of coffee. But he was distrustful because the coffee who was made by Cinderella had a strange taste and strong color.
Stepfather : what’s it? Why the color is so…… strong? CUIHH!! It’s so damn bitter!! Do you wanna kill me?
Cinderella : beware!! Your coffee is full of cyanide.
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What are you saying about? You’re so gross.

Cinderella leaved the prince, and the prince felt so disappointed. Because annoyed with the prince, she went so hurry. So, she didn’t see the cat poop in front of the door and accidentally she stepped it.
Cinderella : oh damn!! So disgusting. Cinderella released her sneakers and leaved it in front of the door, the prince who saw the incident immediately took and saved her sneakers. A few days latter, the kingdom made an announcement. They looked for a girl who had a pair of the sneakers that they saved. Knowing the news, her stepfather and stepbrother told the kingdom that, There was a girl who had the pair of the sneakers in their house. Her Stepfather and stepbrother thought that they could become rich if Cinderella was a princess. The next day, the king, the prince also the queen came to cinderella’s house. They looked so exited.
Prince : do you wanna try this sneakers?
Cinderella : No! I know it’s my sneakers. Iuhh, disgusting. The cat poop, oh my god.
Prince : how lucky I am to find you, oh beautiful girl. Yeah this is your, so the princess is you. Would you be my wife?
Cinderella : are you kidding me? Why should I marry you? You’re so
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