Quotes On The Hallway Hangers

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Frankie and Derek both grew up in Claredon Heights, a public housing with poor families. Frankie is one of the characters in the book that actually turned into a changed man. Frankie is associated with the Hallway Hangers, a group of white teenagers who reject the values of society. The mindset of hallway hangers is “to make a quick buck.” However, the hallway hangers hold a strong bond with one another. They formed a brotherhood where they have each other’s backs. Frankie was considered the leader of the hallway hangers. Hallway hangers prioritize their life around drugs, violence, and crime. The attitudes towards the hallway hangers is somewhat depressive and negative. However, I do believe that race, class, and family influences had an effect towards the social reproduction of these teenagers. Frankie’s family had lived in Claredon Heights for almost 30 years. He grew up fighting for his crew and even lost a few teeth between the fights. He also had an issue with drug use as he stated that consuming alcohol helped him cope with problems occurring in his life. His father died when he was really young, his mother graduated high school and ended up working in a factory. However, Frankie had seven brothers who were always locked away in prison. Frankie has always been detached from school. He had been kicked out plenty of times for fighting and drug use. When he was finally placed in an adjustment class, is when he got it together and graduated from high school shortly
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