Quran Burning

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Quran Burning Can power be used for good? Unfortunately, there are many events in the past three years that overshadow the good that has been occurring in the world. People use different types of power to achieve the task at hand. The Quran burning, a recent controversial event that was supposed to occur on September 11, 2010, to honor all victims who passed away in the terrorist attacks. However, a small town church pastor named Terry Jones utilizes many powers to attempt to burn a holy book that was significant to a certain race, the Muslims. The question was how can one man who leads a small church of 50 people in Florida have the power to create uproar around the world? Through the United States Constitution, Terry Jones gained an…show more content…
However, they condemned such act because they know it would endanger many people and very important military operations. Jones continued to have people wait if he was going to continue with the event. One day he would say that no one would stop the burning of the Quran, and other days he would declare that he would cancel the event (Levitz and Weisman). Jones had psychological power because he knew he would have endangered the lives of many people, and he could have initiated a domestic and global war because of an event he wanted to do. This controversial event reminded me of the article “Civilize them with a Stick,” written by Mary Crow Dog and she describes how she forced to assimilate with white culture (Crow Dog). Crow Dog was put into a special boarding school where she was not allowed to pray to her Indian gods, and so forth (Crow Dog). It is ironic the majority of society use violence and psychology in order to “civilize” the minority. In both cases, the whites in Crow Dog use hitting and mind games to control the Native Americans, while Terry Jones uses fire and negative verbal protests to try to silence the Muslims. The media is another force of power that usually likes to create drama and controversy out of a small story, and at times it can create violence because of the
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