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1. Assessment should be relevant. Assessment needs to provide information about students’ knowledge, skills and understandings of the learning outcomes specified in the NSW syllabus documents. That is, it needs to be directly linked to the syllabus standards. Syllabus standards are defined at: https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/policies/ curriculum/schools/curric_plan/ policystandards161006.pdf 2. Assessment should be appropriate. Assessment needs to provide nformation about the particular kind of learning in which we are interested. This means that we need to use a variety of assessment methods because not all methods are capable of providing information about all kinds of learning. For example, some kinds of learning are best assessed by…show more content…
Assessment of this kind identifies strengths and weaknesses, and provides detailed diagnostic information about how students are thinking. The collection of evidence of this kind may require opportunities for students to explain in their own words or pictures their understandings of the material they are learning. 6. Assessment should be integrated into the teaching and learning cycle. Assessment needs to be an ongoing, integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. It must allow teachers and students themselves to monitor learning. From the teacher perspective, it provides the evidence to guide the next steps in teaching and learning. From the student perspective, it provides the opportunity to reflect on and review progress, and can provide the motivation and direction for further learning. 7. Assessment should draw on a wide range of evidence.Assessment needs to draw on a wide range of evidence. A complete picture of student achievement in an area of learning depends on evidence that is sampled from the full range of knowledge, skills and understandings that make up the area of learning. An assessment program that consistently addresses only some outcomes will provide incomplete feedback to the teacher and student, and can potentially distort teaching and learning. 8. Assessment should be manageable.Assessment

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