R. Ellisonaj 041Effective Written Communication 30830Assignment

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R. Ellison AJ 041 Effective Written Communication 30830 Assignment #10 1.) The course covered areas that are critical for justice to be served. Much of the text highlighted the need for correct, reliable, complete, and understandable language required from law enforcement. The first chapter was about writing correctly by organizing, understanding confusing words and phrases and using proper sentences. This chapter also laid out ways and means to improve your verbal and written communication. This led us into Chapter 2 where the differences between oral and written records are discussed. It emphasized the importance of written documentation for permanent records which are used in the future for all types of references. Chapter 3…show more content…
Failure to listen is one of the most common barriers to effective communication, and giving and receiving feedback is a skill that is critical in law enforcement. Chapter 5 is about the challenges of communicating with people with special needs. Law enforcement personnel come across all levels of citizens who may have different abilities to effectively communicate. The ability to understand and communicate with these groups is essential to carry out their duties. Some of the issues facing officers include persons who speak different languages, have different customs and expectations, are fearful of authority, and who may have physical limitations that affect their ability to communicate. Other barriers to communications include people with emotional issues, people with mental retardation and/or illness, and people who may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Not only do officers need to be able to communicate with these people, they also need to be able to recognize the different conditions that could be present and present a challenge to communication. Communication in public is the crux of Chapter 6. This is an important aspect of dealing with outside entities. Whether being interviewed be the media, speaking to citizens about a situation or giving a speech to others, public speaking is one of the most challenging parts of communicating. This chapter gives some good advice in regards to speech writing, delivering that

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