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Every young child is told to always tell the truth and that being honest is good. However, some information can create much chaos and is sometimes better unspoken. R.K. Narayan demonstrates the importance this of balance in his story “Like The Sun.” By using dramatic irony, figurative language, and situational irony, Narayan shows that the truth can have consequences. One of the ways Narayan shows that the truth can have consequences is by using dramatic irony. One example where Narayan uses dramatic irony is when Sekhar is eating his wife's meal. Sekhar seems hesitant and she questions him saying, “Why, isn't it good?” (Narayan, 191). The reader knows that he will have to tell her the truth and that telling her the truth will anger her.…show more content…
What he means by this is that peoples' lives are full of small white lies. One other example of figurative language in the the story is when Sekhar is listening to the headmaster singing. Sekhar begins to comment to himself critiquing the headmaster's musical talent saying things such as, “He croaks like a dozen frogs. He is bellowing like a buffalo. Now he sounds like loose window shutters in a storm.” (Narayan 193). Each of these statements are similes that Narayan uses to allow the reader hear now bad the singing is inside their own head. A final example of figurative language in “Like The Sun” is the paradoxes Narayan puts in his writing. Two examples of such paradoxes include the idea that truth is a virtue that leads to punishment, and you have to be cruel to be kind. These statements are paradoxes that Narayan uses to reveal that the truth is always the right choice, but people do not want to hear the truth and can get mad(better word) at people who speak their opinion. Even though it may hurt them initially, it will help them in the long run. By using figurative language in his story, Narayan gives the impression that the truth can have consequences if used too often. The last way Narayan shows that the truth has consequences is through situational irony. At the beginning of the story Sekhar's wife asks him if he likes her food. The wife expects her husband to say that her

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