R. L. Stine Biography

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R.L. Stine is an author known for his “scary” and “suspenseful” books. He’s notorious for giving kids the shivers and nightmares. Stine uses different types of literary devices, such as irony, foreshadowing, and realism to keep the readers excited and wanting more. The thrilling stories and suspenseful ending is what attracts readers to R.L. Stine’s books. Certain event’s,usually, cause an author to create a specific theme in their books. But that’s not the case for R.L Stine. Their are so many things that lead to success, for Stine it was his characters. His characters made a very big difference in children’s life, they helped kids identify with some of his characters. Even the creepy and mean characters. According to Stine “The rule for…show more content…
A major event that allowed Stine to come up with these amazing fictional stories, was random conversations he had with strangers. Stine once said “ I get ideas from all kinds of places...people send me things like newspaper clippings of stories they found” (UXL Junior DISCovering Authors 2003). He also said that one of the books he wrote was based on a conversation he had with a stranger while on vacation. This shows how much he takes other people's ideas into consideration. “Stine agrees that the merit of his work lies in the books’ entertainment value” ( UXL Junior DISCovering Authors 2003). Meaning he knows that the quality of his work will have an impact once people start reading the books. Stine knows exactly what the audience wants, which is why he knows the amount of horror and humor that needs to be added into everyone of his books. This is a reason why Stines writing has reached so many people over the last twenty years. An important event that lead to the way that Stines writes his book is due to his son. “Stine gets lots of information from his teenage son, and does not use slang in his books”(UXL Junior DISCovering Authors 2003). A reason for that is because he wants people to understand what is being said, even if thirty years have gone
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