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&RPage |1 Entrepreneurial Finance 2013 - Case Assignment Questions R&R R&R case brings up major themes that we will see over and over again in this course. This case also differs significantly from most of the other case you will read in this course as it provides a full story of an entrepreneurial venture. In most other cases in this course, the entrepreneur is faced with a decision/dilemma at the time of case. In these cases I will ask you to put yourself in the entrepreneur’s shoes and come up with a course of action that you would undertake if you were in the same situation. Turning back to the R&R case, clearly Bob Reiss appears to be a successful entrepreneur but it is worth digging for factors that may explain why he was…show more content…
Write their names around Bob. Draw a line connecting Bob to each individual and on the line write a brief reason for the connection. See below for a schematic. You can (and probably should) hand- draw this figure. Sam Kaplan TV Guide Friend and Investor Provide License Bob Reiss th Page |4 NOTE: Question 2 is designed to help you visualize who are the key individuals or organizations linked to the main actor in the case and nature of their relationship. The main actor is typically faced with major decision(s)/ issues. This exercise helps you see how all the individuals/organizations you map on this figure are “connected” to the main actor. It also forces you to think about which individuals are important enough to merit a mention on this figure and why? Frequently you would need to understand the motives, agenda and incentives of these individuals when you recommend a course of action or try to find explanation for the choices they make. Question 3: Create a two column table. Go back to your marked-up copy of the case and write down a list of terms/jargon that you are unfamiliar with in the first column. In the second column guess what that term may mean. Does not matter how little confidence you have in your guess – you must guess! See below for a schematic. Term/Jargon that I am unfamiliar with  Billing Terms to retailers (pg. 2, middle of paragraph 2)     My guess of what it means  Conditions attached to a sale?     NOTE: Question

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