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R&R Introduction of Case Study Bob Reiss in 1983 observed with interest the success in the Canadian market of new game board called “Trivial Pursuit”, The sale of the game in the US tended to be approximately ten times those of sales in Canada since “Trivial Pursuit” had sold 100,000 copies .Now Reiss thought game make a boom in US market and this make a profitable opportunity for him. After Graduation from Harvard Business School in 1956 Bob Reiss started working for a company of stationary products. He saw that as an opportunity to learn about running a business while someone else “picked up the tab.” He then started a sales rep company and soon stumbled on opportunities in adult games like chess and magic. Eventually he sold his…show more content…
Inspired by his strong attraction for the Reiss-communications company with detailed information on this idea. He sent the proposal of this idea as an assistant editor of TV Guide. Which two options specify the proposal is that TV Guide made the game. And the second is that he is the sole distributor on a commission basis. One day TV Guide calls him for visit. Reiss brought his friend with him named Alan Charles. Alan is professional game inventor with whom he worked before in time magazine. Reiss reference to thirteen that TV Guide, whose work on this project and TV Guide Call everyone around them without wasting any time. And he had a strong recommendation for the team of people. The calendar has been verified references Reiss, and they had good chemistry. TV Guide liked the idea of working with a younger generation, because they were themselves entrepreneurship. The first player to input Reiss was necessary to develop a game a game inventor Alan Charles. Reiss gave him a tax of 5 per cent on the previous units, and then his fee would be 3 percent. Reiss is increasing its fees for the free TV Guide ads receive. Inventors paid care. Thanks to the experience Reiss as Entrepreneurial In this this business Reiss is an entrepreneurial because of following factores and traits 1. Opportunity finder: Reiss find the best opportunity to do a business in totally different way and earn lots of profit from it so he is an opportunity finder.

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