R & R, Marketing And Banking On Models For Attract New Consumers Essay

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more money in R&D, marketing and banking on models to attract new consumers (Trefis Team, 2015).
Harley-Davidson’s Target Market As discussed from Cheema et al., (n.d.), when the company failed to specify its target market, it has shifted the focus from old riders (traditional males between the ages of 29 to 55) to young and female riders. The products were also produced differently to meet those needs (color, size, and height adjustment). Not only this could result in brand loyalty, but gave the company a strong market position and a unique brand image that nobody else could replace. Marketing, shifting and adjusting the products to meet the new target market was not a risk-free decision, however, this alternative made it easier for prospective buyers to learn about riding and helping the growth of motorcycling industry (Trefis Team, 2015). In 2015, the company has planned to invest more in its customer-facing marketing by 65 percent and increase investment in R&D by 25 percent, according to Trefis Team (2015). Moreover, building plants and offering products with reduced tariffs to developing countries like India would ensure the company more viable to the international market as well as its market growth.
Consumer Demand and Cost Drivers
In order to satisfy the demand from consumers and cost drivers, a consistent re-invention of models is the best alternative for Harley-Davison to effectively and efficiently diversify its products. Historically, Rifkin (1997) stated
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