R/S Danielle Argument

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R/s Danielle is aggressive and violent. R/s a couple days ago Danielle tried to stab him with a knife, he was hit with a picture frame and stick. R/s he was at the apartment earlier this morning and he observed the different kinds of pills and marijuana laying out in the home. R/s Danielle smokes marijuana in the living room and leaves it in the ash tray. R/s Danielle keeps her marijuana in the top drawer of her night stand on the right side. R/s on Saturday Danielle slapped Myracle in the face for pouring milk out. R/s Danielle is taking drug classes and she failed a drug test last month. R/s one year ago Danielle’s brother reported her to DSS. ALLEGATION R/s Danielle drinks a lot and she is doing drugs around her children: Arkeevon
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