R. Steve Jobs - A Passionate Leader

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Steve Jobs – A Passionate Leader
Team 4 Leadership Paper
Chasity Cunningham, Daniel Debose, William Drake, Marquis Everett

Leader Chosen
The leader chosen was considered at the list of top recognized leaders, as well as the companies or industries they represented. It was very important that to evaluate the success of leaders including their personal and corporate achievements before making a final selection. The list of leaders included the likes of Jeff Bezos, Amazon; Steven Spielberg, filmmaker; Jack Welch, GE; Richard Branson, Virgin Group; and Steven Jobs, Apple. Once the list of leaders was narrowed down, discussed, prioritized, the top three leader were submitted in the order of preference. The thought being that the success of a leader is often represented by the results of their team. There are very few people that would not recognize Steven Jobs as the person to start and build Apple into one of the largest companies in the world. Although Steve Jobs is no longer alive, his legacy will live on for decades. Apple will continue to advance their technology and capabilities well into the future. The ability of strong leader to have secession plan with capable leaders to continue the company’s success is critical and appears to be the case for Apple. Steve Jobs – A Passionate Leader
Steve Jobs was an intelligent yet rebellious student in his younger years, sometimes disruptive due to boredom. After completing high school, jobs attended…

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