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Both J. R. R. Tolkien‘s The Hobbit and C.S. Lewis’s The Lion The Which and the Wardrobe are classic novels that are recognized as some of the best works of the 20th century. Tolkien was a famous writer from Bloemfontein, South Africa, born on January 3, 1892, while Lewis was born only a few years later in Belfast, Ireland on November 29, 1898 (Biography.com Editors). They have both had so many great affects on literature, and in particular the fantasy genre, because both The Hobbit, and The Lion The Which and the Wardrobe are of the fantasy genre, but surpass the typical fantasy stories that have become prevalent. Tolkien, a profound author, published The Hobbit on September 21, 1937 as a prequel to one of the most popular book series of all time that came almost twenty years later, The Lord of the Rings. C.S. Lewis’s most popular book, The Lion The Which and the Wardrobe was published on October 16, 1950 (Biography.com Editors). It was his first book on his most popular series titled The Chronicles of Narnia. The Hobbit is about an unexpected journey for a curious and adventurous hobbit. He and a group of thirteen dwarves, a wizard, and a hobbit set off on a journey to a far away mountain to return a stone to its rightful owner as well as stop a dragon from destroying a nearby city. It also led to a great battle between five different armies resulting in the victory of men, elves, and dwarves to defeat the orcs and a dragon. Even though this is a children’s fantasy…

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