R Word Essay On Gender Stereotypes

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The “R” word, or retarded, is not a new word and has been used widely to describe someone who is mentally disabled. Yet, in today’s society it has been popularized as a slang way to describe how stupid something is. This is now used as a derogatory term and can really hurt someone. One simple way of letting someone know that you aren’t comfortable with someone using it is just starting a conversation. “Hey. I heard you say the “R” word earlier today. I just wanted to tell you that I would like if you didn’t say either at all or at least around me. I find it offensive.” Just simply talking about it can be the best thing to help end your friend(s) using it around you. The best part about this is that it can be applied any word that you think is offensive or rude. I.e. Gay, “N” word, and any other that can be…show more content…
You can’t say that.” “Why can’t I?” “Because that isn’t something kind and can be taken as rude. They are more than what you are saying about them.” Simply providing them with why its not acceptable is all you need to do and can really diffuse a situation. Gender Stereotypes In today’s world gender is something that has been a black and white topic. You are either you are a boy or a girl. Years worth of norms have been made for both genders. Yet when we see someone deviate from them we tend to get confused and concerned. One good example is a little boy playing dress up and wearing dresses. This freaks out some parents. As either the instructor or the parent you need to be able to help talk to the parents and explain to them what is happening. “Why is my son wearing a dress?” “He is just playing around. He wanted to dress up and play a character. Don’t worry he will be fine and can take the dress off. It is just for fun. No harm in play.” If needed you can explain in more depth and try to help the parent understand. But for the most part just mention that their son is playing and this is apart of growing
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