RAI, a Clinic for Dialysis Service in the United States

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One of the most significant problems facing the United States in the coming decades is one that is widely acknowledged. However, simply because it is acknowledged does not mean that sufficient economic or technological preparations have been put into place to address this challenge. This is where RAI comes in to the picture. RAI is a small medical clinic that provides a range of services to patients on dialysis. While this might seem to be something of a niche market, dialysis is actually a booming business. The reasons for this can be personally tragic: Most individuals undergoing dialysis currently are suffering kidney failure as a consequence of Type II diabetes that has gone untreated, or at least untreated in an effective way, for years. A number of companies have entered the field of providing dialysis, where they compete with non-profit providers. This brings us to one of the most important strengths of RAI as a company: Its clients have rated it very highly as being able to blend the efficiency that they have come to expect of a company operating in a competitive market with the individual care and compassion of a non-profit health provider. RAI is a provider of dialysis services that combines the latest communications and electronic technologies to provide dialysis services that are many steps beyond what most individuals still think of the process of dialysis. Dialysis undoubtedly save lives. As Power, Duncan, & Goodlad reported in 2009, there is a significant

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