RBS Computer Failure 'Caused by Inexperienced Operative in India'

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This case is about the Royal Bank of Scotland's client which is unable to access their account. it is because of the one India junior technical. The part of staff that was working for Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank believe it’s situated in Hyderabad, India.
This Company has been outsourcing their System from India and they as of recently faulted the disaster since they have been outsource the Indian staff that just been paid $9.00 compared and others. They have any proof that outsourcing company created the issue, and they can't do anything. They research the dangers or threat in outsource and more cautious in future.
The issue influence 17 million client and blocking more than 100 million transaction in and out
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As with other management strategies the most challenging phase in outsourcing is often the implementing and realization of the change. Converting the theory and ideas into effective practice demands decisive cooperation and synchronizing of efforts. Multiple factors may prevent the successful implementation of the outsourcing plan. The key factors in implementation are commitment and understanding. Commitment for the outsourcing decisions is required throughout the organization from top to floor management. Commitment is also reflected in the level of trust between the participating parties and mutual understanding of the importance of commitment. Company-wide understanding of the partnership-outsourcing concept and the goals set by management are also critical factors.
The first advantage that you can get is skill expertise. on skill expertise organization might need to outsource a task when it required. This skill set may not be a corer competency of its business. To focus in their mission in furnishing a top notch item and service to the client what bodes well is off shoring the task to individuals can perform better. The organization not just use less on worker training and recovery valuable man-hours however cut the cost as well. The competitive advantage by outsourcing is an exceptional chance to other organization to serve in their

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