REL 133 week 1 Common Practices in Religion Essay

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Common Practices in Religion
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
University of Phoenix
World Religious Traditions I
REL 133
Robert Mossman
June 29, 2014
Common Practices in Religion
Religious belief and practices are deeply rooted in traditions and teachings from sacred scriptures and texts. Indigenous religions are specific to a tribe, region, and cultures that have had various influences in their core religion. Religion is a very personal issue for most people and therefore closely guarded. Studying religion is necessary to have an understanding of the connections and foundations that have been built throughout its history.
Religion as defined by Merriam-Webster is, “the belief in a god or in a group of gods; an organized
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1). Tribal religion is practiced by people in the tribe that has occupied that region of the world for centuries, possibly thousands of years. The indigenous religion may be something of a hybrid of religious beliefs or ideas because of the exposure to missionaries and other forms of indoctrination. Indigenous religion often is viewed as using witchcraft, magic, belief is spirits, and medicinal altering of the mind.
Ultimately, people are the common factor in all religions. People are looking for a connection with other people who are looking for a higher or greater purpose than their own. People seek comfort, hope, companionship, a place of belonging, and love. People need the knowledge that they are part of a common understanding and belief that unites them with other people.
Critical Issues
Religion creates division between humans because of the historical values and stories that are pasted down throughout the centuries yet many of the stories have very similar backgrounds. This division begins with the teachings of the religion to its followers and the degree to which they implement the teachings into their own lives. Humans have a distinct internal drive to be on top and in the best groups.
Bias of specific cultures and their religions is a critical issue to the study of religion. Islam is an example that resounds within the United States and throughout the world. Islam is a religion that

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