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REL-405-GS Written Assignment #1/Myrna Ojeda

1. As you begin your study of World religions, what role do you think objectivity should play in learning about the stories and rituals that shape people's lives?

In order to understand the traits and behaviors and traits, I would that that objectivity should be present. The behaviors of other cultures usually stem from a subjective position, but the underlying truth can be found with some critical analysis. Personal subjective thoughts can be damaging when trying to understand what shapes other people's lives, because you have not had the privilege of living that life. Humans tend to judge others based on their own culture and often other cultural are misunderstood. If we use
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The basic of understanding a culture and events starts with the individual’s lifestyle. People will always have diverse images, understanding how people live, helps explain how they about their practices in their culture and religion. There is always a division of specialty in a given society. Understanding how and why individuals assume certain status in the society explains how each specialty is used to provide help in the society.
Everything we do is a direct reflection of how we were brought up in our households. A child will learn more from their parents and most likely teach his/her children the same values and religious views. The key to understanding why a practice that may seem unimportant or minor is so important to a group of people, taking the time to learn what factors led them to these beliefs, the history of their existence and their geographical position. Understanding other religions help to dissolve the prejudices and promote relations, respect for others beliefs and brings out the beauty of diversity. On the other hand, just viewing the diverse images and concepts that people hold without truly understanding their religious practices, lead many people to pass judgment on others because they do not agree with their practices.


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