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South Korean people in general are known to be very religious, “They are practical people, they have tried different ways to reach a fundamental korean ideal: a sense of harmony and balance of everything”(PBS, It is because of that practicality that there is no dominant religion in south korea since there seem to be many religions to choose from. That was not always the case, however, since in the beginning of South Korean religion it seemed that a majority of the South Korean population followed a religion known as shamanism which dealt with the belief that spirits, both good and bad, exist in the world. Since that time many new religions were introduced by other cultures that came to live in south korea and many more are …show more content…
He then began to teach others around him about the middle path and basically told them that the body and the physical trappings of life were the real distractions from true enlightenment and that this world was an illusion that was created by an evil spirit known as Mara in order to keep souls away from having true wisdom. Buddhism is a religion that was formulated to win happiness during this life and the next. Buddhists believe that what you do in this life will impact your next incarnation so they try to find good in everything. “Today about forty-five percent of koreans follow buddhism” (PBS, The second of the most practiced religions in South Korea is christianity. It is one of the most dominant religions in the entire world and South Korea is no exception. The history of christianity dates back many centuries and is probably older than buddhism. Christianity was started by Jesus' disciples almost immediately after his death and was known as the Jewish Christian movement since they still circumcised their children and followed many of the Jewish traditions for the first few years. They viewed Jesus as a prophet and taught their followers that Jesus was here on earth to teach humans how live a life that would relieve them from all of the miseries of this earth. Christianity was not recognized as a religion until 313 CE and was not introduced in South Korea until the 17th century by christian
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