RES 351 Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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RUNNING HEAD:Business Research Ethics

Business Research Ethics
RES 351

Business Research Ethics
An article was chosen from the University Library to evaluate the issue of unethical business research conduct. The article chose is called Flacking for Big Pharma: Drugmakers Don't Just Compromise Doctors; They Also Undermine the Top Medical Journals and Skew the Findings of Medical Research . The identification of the unethical business research involved in the article is given. The parties involved along with effected party is mentioned. The evaluation of the article also identifies how the unethical behavior affected the organization, injured party, and society. A proposition of
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The consumers receive the biggest lost because the use of wrong drug and doses can lead to other illness and even death.
The unethical behavior has effected the organization, injured party, and society. The organization is effected because of the unreliability of new drugs brought to the market. With past issues with unethical practices in medical research, the prescribing health professionals are reluctant to use product. The organization loses profit and reputation because of the unethical practices some companies use. The injured party, the patient, is affected because lost of life or developed illnesses that are not able to returned to normal state. With illness and death the individual places hardship on other family members creating a wealth of economic instability. Society is effected because new drugs are not developed to help with incurable diseases because of the past experiences, and if developed the health care professionals do not want to prescribe the medication because of potential lawsuit. Society is trying to gain a healthier community but can not because the trust in pharmaceuticals is no longer valid.
To avoid the unethical behavior in pharmaceutical companies a law should be proposed that sets guidelines and standards to pharmaceutical practices in medical research. The laws can govern how many
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