RFID In Prison

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I agree Rashaun. The amount of technology that is popping up can sure improve security in jails or in prisons. The problem is all of that cost money that not every state can afford. A couple of the technological advancements are the WANDD, PharmaJet and RFID’s. The WANDD is referred to as the Weapons and Non-permitted Devices Detector. It basically detects hidden weapons in prisoners. The best part is it detects metal including non-metal. This is extremely useful because it can avoid a tragedy such as death or harm on another inmate or a correction officer. The PharmaJet is fascinating because it can medicate an inmate that is sick and it’s needleless, which is a safer way to approach in prison or in jail. RFID is referred to as Radio-Frequency Identification. This could be used to track the inmate’s location, which makes escape even harder than it already was. Correctional staff can’t keep track the movement of every inmate all day long. People freak out when they hear the word RFID sometimes, thinking it’s some device inside your skin, but they generally use bracelets. Back in the day, they would have to log each inmate manually, which wasted a lot of time. Now with the help of RFID’s, the correctional staff can track, measure and store the movement of the inmate’s, that gets compiled into data base. This is not only saving time, but it is saving…show more content…
The Biometric Management system is similar but it also denies access to areas inmates are not allowed in, by detecting their retinas or fingerprints (Criminal Justice Degrees Guide, 2017 & Mann,
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