RFID Risk Management Audits for Oil & Gas Industry Essay

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RFID for Risk Management and Safety Inspections in Oil and Gas Introduction The oil and gas industry now faces its strongest set of challenges in terms of risk and compliance regulations. Recent events such as the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have further brought to light the presence and relevance of such regulations. In this whitepaper, we will consider the top areas where RFID technology is benefiting the oil…show more content…
Data collection, information processing and data management in general become a huge challenge. The need for accurate and automated reporting as well as real-­‐time information management is as strong as The need for intrinsically safe technology used in the tracking and maintenance of equipment is an essential requirement. Facilities in many cases rely on wireless communication as their vital lifeline of not only data but human communication around the world. Wireless technology is also used in the control and function of process critical components of a facility including ever. With the need to reduce corporate liabilities as drilling, pipeline regulators/delivery systems and also well as operational risks, companies are on the fast track to implementing solutions to address these areas. Extreme Environment Environmental conditions range from
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