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Preparation and brief is the first stage of the RIBA plan. For the Core Objectives task in this stage, the project objectives need to be developed including quality objectives and project outcomes, sustainability aspirations, project budget and other parameters or constraints and develop Initial project brief. The feasibility studies should be undertaken as well as the review of site information. Project objectives are the key objectives for the client which are set out in the initial project brief. He document includes the business case from the employer, sustainability aspirations and other aspects which may affect the brief. The quality objectives are set out for the aspects of a project. The objectives may include both objective and subjective…show more content…
Feasibility studies are carried out on certain sites to test the usefulness of the initial project brief and to consider how issues on the site can be approached. Site information is specific information on a project in the form of surveys or reports. The procurement task requires preparing project roles tables and contractual trees and continuing the building of the project team. A project roles table sets out the roles needed on a project, as well as outlining the stages of which those roles are required and the people in charge of carrying out the roles. A contractual tree is a diagram which shows the contractual relationship between the parties involved in a project. The programme task is a review of the project programme and the planning task is again where pre-application discussions occur. The suggested key support task involves preparing handover strategies and risk assessments. Handover strategies is the strategy for handing over a building including the requirements for beginning handovers, comissioning and training of
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