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MGTU-410 Assignment One
Jesus Cabral
Brandman University

What do Odwalla founder Greg Steltenpohl, Magatte Wade-Marchand, Entrepreneur from Senegal, Richard Lavak, a fledgling entrepreneur from New Zealand, Jorges Goldsmit, a young Mexican-American entrepreneur and Charles Irving founder of IBIS Organics in England have in common? Within the last few years, all five entrepreneurs have started up companies hoping to turn the nutritional attributes, the health benefits and the refreshing taste of hibiscus beverages into a viable business proposition.
Redlands International Beverage Corporations entry into the natural beverage market with hibiscus beverages
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After an exhaustive review of the then existing conceptualizations of brand equity and measurement procedures, an executive decision was made to create a proprietary model applicable to all major PepsiCo brands, both domestically and globally, that could be used to track brands over time. Model development focused on PepsiCo?s three primary businesses in the early1990s, namely, soft drinks(Pepsi-Cola), snack foods (Frito-Lay), and quick service restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell),…show more content…
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