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RIM should continue to compete in the current smart phone consumer mass market and implement a new set of specific actions to regain market share. This decision along with a new aggressive strategy will be critical to their long term survival. RIM is currently ranked 3rd in the U.S. Smart Phone Operating System market, and has significant potential to gain further market share. Revenue continues to grow showing a 74% increase between 2009 and 2011. The Blackberry brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and security. With a loyal core customer base, strong brand image, increasing revenue, and an established infrastructure, RIM is at a pivotal point to move forward and begin to regain consumer market share.
To execute this strategy,
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Thus, improved carrier partnerships will help access carrier marketing and distribution channels allowing RIM to release products faster into the market. To tackle the previous quality and product release delays, RIM should partner with a third-party device manufacturer, while keeping product design in-house. Designing a mass consumer product line will take R&D and capital of which RIM can sufficiently supply. The Blackberry OS should be updated to a purpose–built platform migrating toward the consumer mass market, allowing the new consumers a similar scaled down corporate messaging service. RIM should make their OS more affordable for the consumer mass market to access, offsetting some of these costs to the corporate and government users. The core Blackberry messaging system should be designed to be accessible on other operating systems, increasing market cap and introducing potential revenue for both RIM and its partners while building a new customer base. RIM should make sure their business unit’s are cooperating efficiently, enabling them to respond quickly to market changes and competitor product…show more content…
Despite its market share decline, RIM is currently in a strong financial position with approximately $3 billion in available cash and retains a substantial 16% of the U.S. Smart Phone Operating System market. They manufacture unique quality handsets with class leading features, and have increased customer satisfaction ratings. More importantly, RIM has a large corporate and government customer base still using their world class robust enterprise messaging system. Therefore, this option should be rejected by
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