RIP System Pros And Cons Essay

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Being able to save a life in a matter of seconds is an incredible thing. With new technologies this is very much possible. Hospitals and emergency rooms have been using a new system referred to as the RIP system. The RIP system has been helping doctors make informed decisions about whether to administer life-saving treatments or simply allow patients to die. Some medical doctors and ethicists debate on whether or not this type of program should be allowed. The RIP system is a life changing computer program that should be used in hospitals all over. The RIP system is an effective use of medical technology not only because it can help save lives but also because the RIP system helps eliminate discrimination in the emergency room. A lot of times race, age, gender and social class seem to affect the decisions of some medical professionals. With the RIP system this is no longer a problem. Computers do not make the decisions but do however provide valuable information on how to treat each patient. The article states “Rather, it provides data and information that allow trained medical personnel to make more informed decisions about how to allocate very expensive treatment procedures and how to use most effectively limited medical resources, such as…show more content…
Scientist and medical ethicist are already discussing the future of the medical field. Soon technology will evolve to the point where scientist will be able to create life, and use fetal organs for the use of transplants and even the cure of Alzheimer’s. The most ethical way to use medical technology is to help save lives. The RIP system provides doctors with an extra hand to be able to treat those that are in serious need right away as well as doing it effectively. Technology is constantly changing, by the time the public can grasp what is going on something new is created and they do not fully
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