RIchard Nixon and The Water Gate Scandal Essay

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Richard Nixon was president during 1969-1974 and was the first president to resign from office. During this time there was a scandal known as the Watergate Scandal. It was about five men who broke into the watergate building and stole secret documents. They were caught, but some people believe Nixon was involved. He may have even tried to cover up the investigation using bribes.
Richard Nixon was born and raised in California in 1913 and died 1994. He was our 37th president of the United States of America. He also was vice president, senator, a member of the House of Representatives, and even served in the Navy during World War Two. He seems like he could have been a great leader, but could he have been a perpetrator of espionage. He should have been known for success in ending American fighting in Vietnam, and improving relations with China and Russia; but he is really known for the tragic Watergate Scandal. He served one full term, and was elected for a second term, but resigned. Five articles of impeachment were written three had already been passed, making it almost a necessity to resign. This makes him the first and still to this day the only president to resign in office. Why would he resign? He was scared he would be impeached because of what was happening in what was called the Watergate Scandal.
There are many conspiracies about the scandal. What they do know is that the burglars were wire-tapping phones and tried to steal secret documents. In this scandal it…

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