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Name : Che Pei Ling Student ID : TP029265 Module Code : CT098- 3.5- 2 – RMCT Module Title : Research Method for Computing & Technology Intake Code : UC2F1305WM Assignment Title : RMCT Individual Assignment Name of Lecturer : Mr. Selvakumar Samuel Hand in date : 25th February 2013 Table Of Contents Proposed Project Title 3 Introduction 3 Project Background 4 Problem Statement 4 Problem Description 5 Project Aim 5 Objective 5 Research Question 5 Project Development Plan 6 Domain Research 6 Technical Design 6 Data Collection Plan 7 Primary Data Collection 7 Secondary Data Collection 8 Personal Reflection 8 Conclusion 9 1.0 Proposed Project Title ONE STOP Malls in Malaysia Website 2.0 Introduction Nowadays, people…show more content…
4.1 Problem Description This proposed website will include information that is needed by shoppers. For instance, shopper might take some time to walk around the mall when they are not familiar with it. With this website, it could become a guide for them so they do not need to waste time walking around the mall and might end up with nothing. Besides, the information like telephone number is useful too. Shoppers do not need to worry when they face any problems about the stuffs they bought. They can just call to the store for inquiry just by only browsing this website. 5.0 Project Aim To provide users every useful information in malls. 6.0 Objective To allow users to look for the information in each mall within Malaysia. To help users to save time on shopping and shop smartly. To give more information on the events which will hold in the mall. To share the tips about the event which is going on. To provide the floor plan to user and assist them to shop. 7.0 Research Question 1. How social networks are useful for website? 2. What kind of information will be show in website? 3. What are the guidelines to help shoppers to shop easily? 4. Can the store’s telephone number be found on other websites? 5. Which methodology is suitable for this proposed project? 6. How long will it takes to develop this website? 7. Which software tools are needed to develop this website? 8. What are the functions of the software? 8.0 Project Development Plan 8.1 Domain

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