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The Nielsen Company (Hong Kong) Limited
Client Service Assessment

Question Paper
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Instructions: Solve each problem using the workspace provided. Record your answers on the answer sheet provided. You are welcome to use a calculator for your analyses.

International Juice Inc. plans to introduce a new line of fruit juices with three different flavors: cherry, grape and apple. 50% of buyers will buy cherry, 20% will buy grape, and 30% will buy apple. Cherry buyers will buy an average of
1.2 cans at a time, grape purchasers 1.4, and apple purchasers 1.6. Given this information, what percent of the total
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b. What is the probability of failing on the first 2 trials and passing on the third? c. What is the probability of failing on all 3 attempts?


Ninety percent of the population in Woodville has carpeted rooms in their home. A marketer of carpet cleaner learned that, last year, 10% of the population with carpet purchased Foamy carpet cleaner and 9.5% of the total population purchased it. What percentage of the population without carpeted rooms in their home purchased Foamy last year?


A market research firm needs to find 100 people who regularly purchase orange juice to complete a survey on a new line of frozen orange juice. After talking to a random sample of 500 people, 75 orange juice buyers have been found. Based upon this information, how many additional people in a random sample do they need to interview to reach an expected total of 100 people who regularly purchase orange juice?

As a Client Service Executive at Nielsen, you are assigned to work on Sudsy
Soap Company’s client team. Your key contact at Sudsy Soap has come to you with a new product idea called “UNISOAP” and you have been requested to review the information provided and prepare a summary of your hypotheses regarding the product’s strengths and weaknesses. This summary shall be sent to the Marketing Director by email and to invite him for a face to face discussion afterwards. Please compose an email response on the pages
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