RTD Personal Statement

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To become the best grant writer by developing competitive grant applications and to obtain a managerial position at San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD). In addition, I will continue my college education by pursing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at California State University Stanislaus (Stan State). I will grow and excel as a transportation leader in California.


Having completed my undergraduate studies at University of the Pacific (Pacific), I feel passionate and prepared to continue my education and work in the transportation industry. I believe that both of the master programs will provide developmental opportunities that can enhance every aspect of my life. In addition, my career at RTD has exposed me to the intriguing world of public transportation, so it is my goal to continuing working for RTD.

Growing up in a low-income area significantly inspired me to achieve greater
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As the youngest child and the first to graduate college, I am thankful and blessed to have a supporting family. By means of acquiring further education and a stable career, I can provide for my family and ensure that our living situation improves. Han Larsen said, “An important part of being a leader is to be able to have a vision” (Han Larsen). My vision statement, core values, and goals define who I am today.


SWOT Analysis:


My strength is that I set multiple goals and I prioritize in order to achieve them in a timely manner. I am determined to continue my college education and pursue a MBA after the MTM program. I am also a very ambitious person, and will do anything to achieve success.


Before becoming a manager, I will need to improve my writing and communications skills. A weakness of mine is being impatient and becoming easily frustrated if tasks are not done when I want them. After listening to Minh Le, another weakness that I need to
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