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RTT 1- Task 1
Michael Jackson
Western Governors University

Nursing-Sensitive Indicators
The structure, processes, and outcome factors of nursing care are reflected in Nursing-Sensitive Indicators (NSIs). There are several things that the nurses in the provided scenario could have done to promote quality patient care. By being aware of restraint use as an NSI the hospital staff would be more likely to increase their focus and attention to its need and any development of complications. This increased focus and attention could have led to the development of educational opportunities for the hospital staff on the identification of pressure ulcer related complications. Had the nurse and nursing
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Quality patient care can be advanced in this situation by collecting data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators. Data on the prevalence of restraint use and consequential complications (e.g. pressure ulcers, contractions, anxiety, incontinence, and other complications) can aid in maintaining awareness of risks and allowing the nurse to take proper steps to limit their occurrence. Data on patient/family/caregiver satisfaction can help illustrate whether the quantity and quality of nursing care needs to be improved. Data on nursing satisfaction and staffing can help to assess whether changes need to be made to staffing numbers, whether more experienced nurses are needed, whether more educational opportunities are need for the hospital staff, for example.
System Resources, Referrals, or Colleagues

There are a few ethical issues that in the provided scenario which need addressing from the nursing shift supervisor. The first occurs when the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) fails to appropriately address the possibility of a developing pressure ulcer. A wound care team can be consulted about developing an educational program about pressure ulcers for hospital staff. Also, there is the issue of restraints. The ordering physician should be contacted about the necessity of restraint use. Along with the wound care team, data could be collected about the use of restraints and the subsequent development of

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