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Business Research Report Compensation Strategies for 2014 Assessment Code: RWT1 Student Name: Student ID: Date: 9/15/13 Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Research Findings Salaried/Hourly Compensation Commission/Productivity-Based Compensation Longevity Compensation Recommendations 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Executive Summary This report reviews three different compensation strategies PepsiCo can develop and implement within all of our PepsiCo. Brands and businesses for our employees. Compensation is one of the most important and rewarding factors for our employees based on our organizational health survey conducted in 2011, so a thoughtful and thorough approach should be taken as we…show more content…
A disadvantage is that some people find some hourly jobs degrading and undesirable with few opportunities for bonus or advancement. Analysis: Salaried employees generally make a large sum of money and have extra benefits such as, no time clock, better bonuses, guaranteed wages, opportunities for faster advancement, and breaks/lunches at will. Hourly employees do not have these advantages. A benefit of hourly wages is that you can reduce cost based on volume by changing the scheduling of the hourly staff based on business need. Hourly pay is pre-determined and can be different hourly amounts for straight time, overtime, or weekend and holiday pay based on if you are a union or non-union facility and based on the contracts you have with the hourly workforce. b. Commission/Productivity-Based Compensation Summary: Commission based employment can appear to be a transparent reward structure based on success and is a common way to reward top performers. “Commission based pay can make the employee feels they are sharing in the organizations success which motivates the individual to maximize their success” (Clark, Robert, and Sylvester Schieber Fourth Quarter 2000). This compensation strategy allows employees to work hard and get further. The theory with harder work more pay will occur. The employee is paid based on how they perform or how much they sale. If they sale

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