Rab Corporation

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ARB Corporation Limited is an Australian public company which designs, manufactures and distributes automotive accessories. ARB's leading products include the ARB Air Locker differentials, ARB Bullbars, and the Old Man Emu shocks and suspension products. ARB is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code ARP. The company employs approximately 860 people, and is headquartered in Kilsyth, Victoria. Major Customers & Competitors ARP has steadily built on its traditional 4WD-enthusiast customer base. ARP also supplies products to original equipment manufacturers in Australia, including Nissan and Toyota. Other important customer segments are mining companies, government departments, commercial fleet owners, 4WD tour…show more content…
In Perth, Western Australia ARP now has company owned stores at Canningvale, Osborne Park and Mandurah. There are still a number of locations around Australia where the ARP product is under-presented. Consequently ARP expects further ARP franchised and company owned stores to be opened over the next few years. Strong demand for manufactured product ensured that ARP’s factories in both Australia and Thailand ran at high capacity for most of the past 9 months. To provide for future growth the company has decided to establish a second plant in Thailand. This factory will be located in the same industrial estate as the existing plant. ARP has purchased 14,000 sq metres of land and a plant of 9,000 sq metres will be built over the next six months. Also, new product development has always been at the heart of the company’s growth strategy. ARP remains focused on developing world leading new products to supply its large and diverse aftermarket customer base both locally and overseas. Over the next 12 months there will be a large number of new model 4WD vehicles released around the world. These releases should keep ARP’s expanded product development facilities running to capacity. (ARB Corporation Limited, 2011) Economic analysis ARP is a cyclical company because its products are close to demand of cars. If the outlook for economy is rosy, company profits will be rising. Over the last five years, ARP’s
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