Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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"Rabbit-Proof Fence"

Summary: An overview of the ways in which the film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" conveys the importance of home, family, and country to indigenous peoples.
The film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" conveys the importance of home and country to indigenous peoples. The director Phillip Noyce refers to home in different ways. He has symbolised home by repeatedly showing images of the Spirit Bird and the Rabbit Proof Fence, since it is a connection to their home. The movie shows Molly's determination to get home and back to her family by escaping from Moore River and finding her way back home to her country, Jigalong.

At the beginning of the film, it is shown how Molly's family hunt for food and use their bush skills in their culture,
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In this film, it also shows how important their loved ones are to them. Like when the three girls get taken away, they used their hands to bang against the window, showing their sadness of separation, and their connection of their love and wanting to be close with their family at every time possible, because every time they were together was a moment each treasured. Their grandmother felt the pain they were feeling, of desperation, frustration and powerlessness, and that is shown to us when she hits herself with a rock on her head to make her bleed. Also the howling sounds she makes shows the pain she feels and makes us feel her pain, too.

Home shows the familiarities that no other place shows. In your own country or home, you live by your own rules. Molly, Gracie and Daisy were happier when they got home, since it was somewhere where they were loved, and since it was a place that gave them a sense of safety, knowing they were home with the people they loved and a place they were familiar with. Getting home was like an emotional reunion for the girls, touching and crying and at the same time Molly's distress because Gracie was taken away. "I lost one."

My views on this heart moving film would be never to give up in life, and with the right amount of determination you can succeed anything. The film tells us the simple, but moving story with a skilled storyteller's voice. The great importance of their
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