Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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Composers of texts use a number of individual (and combinations of several) techniques to reprensent the concept of the physical journey and specifically that it is the journey, not the destination that matters. Noyce has used a number of filimic and literary techniques thoughout “Rabbit Proof Fence” to ddo this. The use of symbolism, lighting, characterisation and camera angles all enable Noyce to express the physical journey being explored. The cover of Kellehers’ novel ______ uses visual techniques such as colour, blending and dark patches to convey the type of journey being explored through his text. “Sweet Home Alabama” uses literary techniques such as symbolism, repetition and rhyme to express the journey being undertaken by…show more content…
Camera angles are used by Noyce to explore the idea that it is the journey, not the destination that matters. The panning long shot of the horizon (used at the commencement of the journey, when the three girls escape Moore River) is used to express the long difficult task at hand, and that in order to arrive home, they must over come a harsh terrain and long journey. The use of such varying camera angles sis indicative that it is the actual journey that matters, as oppose to the final destination.

The “Rabbit Proof Fence” plays two vital roles throughout the journey of Molly, Daisy and Gracie, and is reflective of the importance of the journey. The fence is a representation of a map, as it is a symbol of home for the girls and provides a way in order for them to get home (following the fence). What is later revealed is that the fence has actually proven to be an obstacle, and that they have followed the wrong fence, and must change direction to get home. The ability of the girls to overcome this hurdle, and arrive home is again indicative of the notion that it is the journey – not the destination – that matters when undertaking a physical journey.

The growth of Molly throughout the film reflects on the importance of the journey rather than the final outcome achieved. Molly is established

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